Wholesale Partners

Wholesale Partners


When you are a PIQUE Partner, you become part of something bigger.
We're creating a community of coffee professionals with a view to help lift everyone around us. Through a commitment to continually improving and learning, together, we can be better.

When you join PIQUE, our promise is that you'll be part of an uncompromising quality chain. We do this by responsibly sourcing our green coffee and paying fair prices to our coffee farmers. By providing products that are not only delicious, but consistently delicious! By delivering your orders on time and in full. By thoughtfully and consistently roasting our coffee to exact specifications every time. By providing holistic coffee training and sharing the knowledge that we've gained through years of dedication to our craft. We want to support your cafes to help grow your businesses and the industry as a whole.

We aim to be the coffee provider of choice in the Perth market and an industry leading innovator within the coffee industry as a whole. We not only offer a wholesale roasting program, but also intensive training and education both at the machine and behind the roaster to get the best result out of every cup.

If customisation is where it's at for you, we can provide a contract based, co-brand program with blends and packaging unique to your business so you can grow your own brand. You can work alongside Jase to create an individual flavour profile and price point that works best for you to keep your customers coming back!

Sounds good hey? If you'd like to partner with PIQUE, drop us a line and we'll tee up a time to chat about what we can do for you!


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